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Airport Snow Removal


The M-B Companies, Inc. offers products to maintain airport surfaces year round.

M-B designs and manufactures a complete family of snow removal equipment, including chassis, underbody, rollover, and front mount plows, front mount and tow brooms, loader mount and chassis mount snow blowers, and multitasking combinations allowing a single operator to plow and broom simultaneously. Drive/steer axle selection and a rugged all wheel steer system provides unmatched maneuverability of even the largest M-B equipment.

M-B's family of Snow Removal Equipment can move deeper and heavier snow, faster. Leveraging more than 100 years of experience, M-B's family of airport snow removal products provide outstanding snow removal performance and exceptional after-sale support.

The M-B Companies is also the exclusive distributor of Triverus surface cleaning machinery in the United States, Japan, and People's Republic of China. Triverus surface cleaning technology was developed in fulfillment of an R&D contract with the United States Navy primarily for cleaning flight decks on aircraft carriers. The Cleaning, Recovery and Recycle technology was designed to restore coefficient of friction (COF) on flight deck surfaces while managing waste and preventing pollution as a result of flight deck contamination. Conventional cleaning technology cannot restore COF because it's not effective at removing small solids and oil particulate. The Mobile Cleaning Reclaim Recycle System (MCRRS) is able to efficiently recover much more from a dirty surface with only the use of water. This capability enhances cleanliness in a way that enables cleaning to be part of not only aesthetic goals, but pre-paint surface preparation (via removal of ultra-fine solids), Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) and general cleaning/spill response activities.

Based on Patents and application experience, the Navy has expanded the use of Triverus designs and process to comply with EPA regulations and monitoring in critical shoreside operations as well. These include industrial hygiene, pier cleaning and dry dock cleaning applications.

Triverus has since adapted its technology to commercial and airport applications in the Municipal Cleaning Vehicle (MCV) and Airport Maintenance Vehicle (AMV). Applications for the MCV include glycol recovery, surface cleaning, pre-paint surface preparation, spill containment and recovery, painted line acuity enhancement, environmental containment and compliance (SWPP), preparation for crack sealing, airport and parking garage cleaning. The AMV is designed to extend the applicable range to runway rubber removal and airport paint removal

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