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Airport Snow Removal


MB3 Front Mount Broom

When it comes to airport snow removal, the MB3 is in a class all by itself. The MB3 is a versatile custom cab forward airport chassis designed for front mounted plows, front mounted brooms, tow brooms, underbody scrapers, de-icing systems, and other attachments.

A snow removal workhorse, the MB3 axles are designed for sharp steering cramp angles to provide smaller turning circles and maximum maneuverability. The tapered spring suspension assures a smoother ride than conventional springs and increased driver control.

The MB "Torque Flow" transfer case center differential constantly proportions torque between front and rear axles. Coupled with electronic automatic traction control the torque proportioning transfer case reduces tire wear while assuring the most efficient use of vehicle power.

For information on brooms, plows, and other equipment available for the MB3 chassis, please see the equipment sections of our website.

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MB3 Front Mount Airport Broom

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