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Airport Snow Removal


P5000 Airport Reversible Plow
The P5000 Plow can be retrofitted to many existing chassis and plow hitches, including DIN, Hands Free, Hustings, J-Hook and Pin type hitches. It is designed to provide a fully reversible left and right angle up to 32 degrees. The moldboard height is 50 inches, with a 65, 75 and 85 degree adjustable moldboard angle in both straight and flare...


P5500-C Airport Cupping Ramp
If you're looking for an airport plow that gives you the widest path possible with improved snow control, this is the plow for you. The P5500-C Cupping Ramp Plow with its broad moldboard curvature will doze a 31 foot wide path with the end cups containing up to 544 cubic feet of snow. The cupped ends concentrate snow towards the center of th...


P8200-Rollover Plow
The P8200 Rollover Plow generates a substantial fuel savings with 500 pounds less weight than conventional all steel rollover plows. Its hitch can be retrofitted to an existing 40 inch Hustings, Pin attach or DIN hitch. The P8200 has a 12 foot cutting edge length that provides a 10 foot plowed path. Lined with low friction, high visibility, ...


P2UB & P3UB Underbody Scraper
The P2UB underbody scraper has a dual function design with swing and curl control of the 19 inch mold board. The P3UB underbody scraper has a 3 function design, with swing, curl, and lift control of a 12 inch high moldboard. Both scrapers are available with a variety of cutting edges, including steel, steel with carbide inserts, and an ice c...




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