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Airport Snow Removal

PLOWS - P5500-C Airport Cupping Ramp

P5500-C Airport Cupping Ramp

If you're looking for an airport plow that gives you the widest path possible with improved snow control, this is the plow for you. The P5500-C Cupping Ramp Plow with its broad moldboard curvature will doze a 31 foot wide path with the end cups containing up to 544 cubic feet of snow. The cupped ends concentrate snow towards the center of the plow for centerline loading and improved loader handling. Over and above the ability to angle the entire plow, the left and right cupping ends are controlled independently allowing the operator to preserve a "clean side" free of leftover plow spillage. The plow's moldboard is made from a highly visible green polyethylene with cutting edge lengths from 19 to 35 feet. The cupping plow ends are available in lengths of 4, 6, and 7 feet, and can cup forward up to 45 degrees. The P5500-C has an integral gravity float to follow the pavement separate from loader movement in both the vertical and (left/right) horizontal directions.

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P5500-C Airport Cupping Ramp Plow

NJPA 080114-MBC