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A tow behind broom available for many applications. Boasts the ability to clean snow, dirt and debris in all seasons.

  • Hydraulically driven rotary angle broom.

  • Electric/hydraulic swing and lift valve with umbilical control box

  • Broom capable of up to 30° left or right of center with provisions to hold the broom at 0°

  • Brush and core assembly can be removed from frame without disconnecting hoses from drive motor(s)

  • Brush pattern is adjustable by means of a threaded shaft on the lift cylinder


  • Engine:

    23.5 HP air-cooled gasoline engine

  • Brush Width:

    7', 8', 9'

  • Brush Diameter:


  • Core Diameter:


  • Optional Accessories:

    All poly brush
    150 gallon sprinkler system
    Spare Tire (Mounted)
    Truck Gravel Shield
    180° hood extender
    2 5/16 Ball Hitch