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The P8200 Rollover Plow generates a substantial fuel savings with 500 pounds less weight than conventional all steel rollover plows. Its hitch can be retrofitted to an existing 40" Hustings, Pin attach or DIN hitch. 

  • Has a 12" cutting edge length that provides a 10" plowed path

  • Lined with low friction, high visibility, green polyethylene

  • She specific curvature of the tapered moldboard produces a high cast for maximum casting distance, with NO overspray to disrupt operator visibility

  • Plow rotation is achieved with two high torque, low speed hydraulic motors


  • Widths Available:

    12" cutting edge length. 10" plowed path

  • Height:

    82" moldboard height (discharge end), 25" height (lead end)

  • Cutting Edge:

    Replaceable steel cutting edge

  • Max Angle:

    Full rotation

  • Mode of Angle:

    Power rotation

  • Trip Mechanism:

    Cable lift with two weight transfer springs

  • Positions:

    Right and Left

  • Mount:

    Base unit with DIN hitch adapter kit