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This tractor mounted hydraulic broom comes in various sizes for many applications. Clearing of snow, dirt, debris and even grass is easy with superior broom head control.

  • Hydraulically driven rotary angle broom.

  • Hydraulic swing capable of 30° left or right of center

  • Storage stands for simple mounting, dis-mounting, and storage

  • Brush and core assembly can be removed from frame without disconnecting hoses from drive motor(s)

  • Heavy duty, self- aligning, pillow block bearings support the broom core


  • Sweeping Widths Available:

    5', 6', 7'

  • Brush Diameter:


  • Core Diameter:

    6 3/8"

  • Broom Speed:

    up to 200 RPM, dependent on prime mover

  • Drive:


  • Min. Hydraulic Flow:

    12 GPM (Single Standard Motor)

  • Max. Hydraulic Flow:

    20 GPM (Single Standard Motor)

  • Options Available:

    Dirt Deflector
    Independent Hydraulic System (Turf and tractors only)
    Low Flow Drive Motor
    Dual Low or Standard Flow Drive Motors
    Hydraulic Engine Pallets (Trucks only)
    Sprinkler System
    Sight Indicators