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3600 TRT Tractor Mounted


This true free floating broom head hitch allows the broom to follow casters, not the tractor, to minimize brush pattern variations during operation.

  • The 347 rpm broom speed allows 1,655 ft-lbs of available torque at 5075 psi maximum working pressure.

  • The brush head diameter is 36 inches, and is available in lengths of 12, 14 and 16 feet.

  • Utilizing its own dedicated hydraulic pump, it has five times more power than a typical broom powered by tractor hydraulics.

  • It is built with molded urethane drive cogs for torque transmission, along with hardened steel pilot plates and core sprockets to support the radial loads.

  • Optional air blower package mounted on the engine side of the tractor.


  • Sweeping Widths Available:

    12', 14', 16'

  • Brush Diameter:

    36" (12')

  • Broom Speed:

    347 rpm broom with 1655 ft-lbs of available torque at 5075 psi maximum working pressure

  • Drive:

    Hydrostatic broom drive utilizing the tractor’s 540 RPM PTO connected to a speed increasing gear box driving a hydrostatic pump with variable speed control

  • Tilt:

    Broom oscillation of 10 degrees (+5, -5)

  • Angle Control:

    Independent of tractor to compensate for surface variations to minimize brush pattern variation during operation

  • Mounting:

    True free floating broom head hitch allowing broom to follow casters

  • Options Available:

    Additional lights, speed tachometer, pressure gauge, showshed hood, wafer styles and spare parts available.