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The P2UB underbody scraper has a dual function design with swing and curl control of the 19" mold board. The P3UB underbody scraper has a 3 function design, with swing, curl, and lift control of a 12" high moldboard.

  • Scrapers are available with a variety of cutting edges, including steel, steel with carbide inserts, and an ice cutting serrated carbide edge

  • Moldboards are made of 50,000 psi yield steel

  • Depending on chassis configuration, scraper angles of up to 40 degrees can be achieved

  • An optional moldboard extension kit can adapt the units to a 16' overall width


  • Widths Available:


  • Height:


  • Cutting Edge:

    50,000 psi yield steel

  • Max Angle:

    Swing angle up to 40 degrees

  • Mode of Angle:

    Two dual acting swing cylinders for angled holding power

  • Trip Mechanism:

    Crossover relief hydraulic valve provides impact protection

  • Positions:

    Swing, curl, and lift functions