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  • 3600 TOWGA
  • 3600 TOWGA
  • 3600 TOWGA
  • 3600 TOWGA

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3600 TOWGA


The 3600-TOWGA broom package is self contained with no power or controls required from the chassis. 

  • Hydrostatically driven, the TOWGA provides a broom speed of 516 rpm's, with 1,839 ft-lbs of available torque at 4640 psi maximum working pressure.

  • Broom package is self-sufficient. No power or controls are required from the chassis.

  • Power is transmitted to the broom core via keyed tapered hubs which prevent any looseness in the connection. 

  • The 3600-TOWGA is powered by a 8.8 liter Caterpillar C9 engine with 300 HP electronic turbocharged diesel engine. 

  • It's equipped with a free floating broom head hitch for superior broom pattern control and overall handling of the broom chassis.


  • Sweeping Widths Available:

    12', 14', 16', 18'

  • Brush Diameter:


  • Broom Speed:

    500 rpm broom with 1,839 ft-lbs of available torque at the broom shaft at 4640 psi maximum working pressure

  • Drive:

    300 HP, electronic turbocharged diesel engine, T4F EPA emission certified

  • Tilt:

    Broom oscillation of 8 degrees (+4, -4)

  • Angle Control:

    Hydrostatic drive, infinitely variable speed pumps and fixed displacement motors for broom head and air blower

  • Mounting:

    Direct pintle type drawbar hitch with hydraulic controlled jackstand

  • Options Available:

    Various axle, wheel, brake, engine and broom options available