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  • 4600 TTB Tracking
  • 4600 TTB Tracking
  • 4600 TTB Tracking
  • 4600 TTB Tracking
  • 4600 TTB Tracking
  • 4600 TTB Tracking

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4600 TTB Tracking


The 4600-TTB can be fit to multiple towing chassis configurations of adequate size, axle and horsepower ratings. It includes an 18,000 pound steering axle with ABS brakes as standard.

  • The automatic steering system includes automatic drift control and has provisions for for centering and disengaging the axle steering system.

  • The engine and pump drive are surrounded by a fiberglass enclosure.

  • Comes standard with dual 75 gallon fuel tanks dedicated to broom operation to provide 12 hours of continuous broom operation.

  • Options include automatic pattern adjustment, brush RPM ground speed control, rear camera system, and more.


  • Sweeping Widths Available:

    16', 18', 20', 22'

  • Brush Diameter:


  • Broom Speed:

    475 rpm broom with 2656 ft-lbs of available torque at the broom shaft at 5075 psi maximum working pressure

  • Drive:

    375 HP, electronic turbocharged diesel engine, T4F EPA emission certified

  • Tilt:

    Towing chassis determines turning radius…Broom always follows

  • Mounting:

    Dual pintle connection to chassis