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Schmidt AS990


The Schmidt AS990 airport sweeper delivers perfect results when sweeping large areas, moving safely and efficiently throughout airport premises. Equipped with two optional circular brushes, a rear-mounted sweeping unit and a high-power suction fan, the machine clears and sweeps large areas quickly.

  • Offers a hygienic solution thanks to its blast nozzles, rear-mounted standard sweeping unit and its optional quickchange liquid suction vehicle

  • The mounted sweeper can be fitted to many chassis with the relevant specifications – a unique concept that’s highly flexible and versatile

  • Removing FOD hazards (foreign object debris) – possible damage to the aircraft that may be caused by dislodged objects

  • Collects large quantities of water and deicer from runways

  • Removing dirt, grass, leaves and smaller quantities of snow with blast nozzles


  • Hopper Volume:

    9.2 yd³

  • Hopper Tipping Angle:


  • Fan Drive System:


  • Fan Drive Speed:

    2,100 – 3,100 rpm

  • Standard Water Tank Volume:

    422 gal

  • Hydraulic Oil Tank:

    34 gal

  • Transport Speed:

    0-55 mph

  • Working Speed:

    0-12 mph

  • Basic machine* unladen weight:

    9,370 lbs

  • Basic machine* with dual design unladen weight:

    10,251 lbs