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Providing sweepers for streets and airports clearing snow, dirt and debris.


Schmidt Street King 660

Schmidt Street King 660

The Street King 660 boasts outstanding suction power, a large hopper and a high water volume for long sweeping distances and maximum efficiency.

Schmidt AS990

Schmidt AS990 Airport Sweeper

The AS990 delivers perfect results when sweeping large areas, while also moving safely throughout the entire airport premises.

Schmidt eSwingo 200+

Schmidt eSwingo 200+ Sweeper

The eSwingo 200+ is the first fully electric compact sweeper from Schmidt. It is ideal for daily cleaning and sweeping duties in neighborhoods and city areas plus industrial locations and parking lots.

Schmidt Sweepers

Schmidt sweepers provide no-compromise cleaning for the most demanding environments. Especially powerful and efficient, these mounted sweepers for streets and airports clear snow, dirt and debris.

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