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Proven airless striping technology, with larger paint and bead capacity, not normally associated with smaller trucks. Bringing outstanding performance in a small package.

  • Provides cities, counties, traffic control companies and striping contractors the benefits of a truck striper at reduced costs

  • New design eliminates weight to maximize capacities, allowing greater capacities on a smaller chassis

  • Low profile and short wheel base affords superior maneuverability

  • Option for one-man operation in construction zones or temporary marking environments


  • Paint Capacity:

    120-240 gallons (without exceeding 19,500 GVW on the chassis) 

  • Bead Capacity:

    800 - 1,500 lbs allowing for 6 lbs of beads per gallon of paint

  • Rate:

    8.3 gallon per minute capacity of each pump 

  • Available Options:

    LaserLine G:-3000P Laser Guidance System
    Front bumper mounted hydraulic actuated pointer system
    Kamber 55 airless striping guns
    Arrow Board or Arrow Stick
    Bead loading system
    Other options available
    Cone setting deck
    Intercom system for driver/operator to Econliner