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  • 4600 Track Towing Airport Broom
  • 4600 Track Towing Airport Broom
  • 4600 Track Towing Airport Broom
  • 4600 Track Towing Airport Broom

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4600 TTOWV


The 4600-TTOWV Tracking Tow Airport Broom is operator friendly, with excellent shock absorption and an active weight transfer broom head hitch for superior broom pattern control, braking, steering ability and overall handling. It can be fit to a myriad of towing chassis configurations of adequate size, axle and horsepower ratings.

  • With a brush diameter of 46 inches, the TTOWV is available in 14, 16, 18 and 20 foot lengths.

  • The dual swing arms have a total of four pivot points to ensure the broom weight remains centralized on the centerline of the trailer regardless of the swing position.

  • The 4600-TTOWV comes standard with a 8.8 liter C9 - 300 HP electronic turbocharged diesel engine. 

  • Can be equipped with automatic pattern adjustments, brush RPM ground speed controls, rear camera systems, and other options.

  • Broom package is self-sufficient. No power or controls are required from the chassis.


  • Sweeping Widths Available:

    14', 16', 18', 20', 22'

  • Brush Diameter:


  • Broom Speed:

    500 rpm broom with 2656 ft-lbs of available torque at 5075 psi maximum working pressure

  • Drive:

    300 HP, electronic turbocharged diesel engine, T4F EPA emission certified. Butterfly fiberglass enclosure with assist

  • Tilt:

    Broom oscillation of 8 degrees (+4, -4)

  • Angle Control:

    Hydrostatic drive, infinitely variable speed pumps and fixed displacement motors for broom head and blower

  • Mounting:

    Direct pintle type drawbar hitch with hydraulic controlled jackstand

  • Options Available:

    Various power, axle, wheel, brake, broom head and engine options available.