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Tow Behind Broom

3600 TOWGA

The 3600-TOWGA broom package is self contained with no power or controls required from the chassis. 

4600 TTOWV

The 4600-TTOWV Tracking Tow Airport Broom is operator friendly, with excellent shock absorption and an active weight transfer broom head hitch for superior broom pattern control, braking, steering ability and overall handling. 

4600 TTB Tracking

The 4600-TTB can be fit to multiple towing chassis configurations of adequate size, axle and horsepower ratings. It includes an 18,000 pound steering axle with ABS brakes as standard.

4600 CRDL

The 4600-CRDL Cradling Broom is designed for stowing and cradling in-line for transport and storage.The casters lift off the ground when cradled to eliminate damage during transport and to extend caster life.

3600 TRT Tractor Mounted

This true free floating broom head hitch allows the broom to follow casters, not the tractor, to minimize brush pattern variations during operation.