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  • 4600 Vertical Lift
  • 4600 Vertical Lift
  • 4600 Vertical Lift
  • 4600 Vertical Lift
  • 4600 Vertical Lift
  • 4600 Vertical Lift

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4600 Vertical Lift


The 4600 Vertical Lift Airport Broom is engineered to be integrally mounted on multiple chassis configurations of adequate size, axle and horsepower ratings, and specifically designed for use on the MB3 chassis. The 4600 Vertical Lift can be front mounted or in an interchange configuration with a plow on the MB3 or plow and/or blower head on the MB4 blower chassis.

  • The unit comes standard with an operator control box, microprocessor CAN bus controls and an MDC (Monitor-Diagnose-Control) color screen display.

  • The single pivot broom can be ordered with a maximum swing angle of either 35 or 45 degrees. 

  • The dual end hydrostatic broom drive uses available displacement pump and fixed displacement motors.

  • The 4600 Vertical Lift features a unique "step down" method of positioning the brush on the pavement, allowing for improved snow discharge control for operator visibility and reduced blow-over and snow build-up on the hood.

  • Options include automatic pattern adjustment, brush RPM ground speed control, and more.


  • Sweeping Widths Available:

    16', 18', 20', 22'

  • Brush Diameter:


  • Broom Speed:

    477 rpm broom with 2656 ft lbs of available torque at the broom shaft at 5075 psi

  • Drive:

    475 HP, electronic turbocharged industrial diesel engine, 12.5 liter

  • Angle Control:

    Operator friendly, cab portable operator’s control box, microprocessor CAN bus controls with MDC (Monitor, Diagnose, Control) color screen display. Optional integrated controls using CAN joystick

  • Mounting:

    DIN Hitch Standard

  • Options Available:

    Free floating, shock absorbing, weight transfer broom head hitch for improved tractive effort, braking, steerability and overall handling of the broom chassis